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This site was developed by Mr. John Farnam, Master Pistolero and the gunman's guru. As a world renown firearms instructor, the top weapons instructor in the world , in fact, John has instructed personnel all over the world, and is a consultant to the US Marine Corps, and the US Army. I have worked with him since 1978, and have been one of his instructors for many years. His development of the modern method for gun fighting and development of modern gunhandling skills has vastly improved our ability to be victorious, in our pursuits. I am honored to have him as my mentor and my friend. What I have learned, started with his schooling, in 1978 has saved my life on several occasions!

This firm was created by Mr. Frank Sharpe, who is an up and coming personality in the training profession. Fortress Defense teaches CQB to military and police personel, as well as civilian shooters. Fortress Defense is very well versed in the tactical applications of CQB, in our ever deteriorating world. I have worked with Frank on the line, and have been in his classes. His communication skills are par excellence. And his tactical knowledge is vast indeed! We also serve as adjunct faculty for this fine training firm! 
Mc Henry Combat Center is a training consortium, specializing in personal self defense Krav Maga Kung Fu training, knife fighting and personal firearms training. You will find no nonsense, practical real world applications to personal self defense here, as well as the true gunman ethos1 They also offer a good source for gear, training aids, and for notices on current threat situations in the world.These people are professional gunmen and professional tactical firearms instructors.
Steel plates targets, reactive steel targets (rifle and pistol), and Safe Direction Ballistic Containment Systems. The firm is operated by my personal friend Steve Camp,  who is also a superb shootist. (630) 834-4423

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