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                        Training for life's unexpected events.
                                   Training the best to pass life's



NEVER, NEVER, EVER, Surrender Your Piece to an Opponent / Assailant!

Never, Never, Ever, surrender your weapon to an assailant or opponent, under any circumstances. Go down fighting, if you must. But NEVER relinquish your rifle, handgun, shotgun or fighting knife to an armed assailant. What makes you think that your opponent will give you any mercy, and treat you with due difference, if you place yourself at their mercy? Do you wish to be slaughtered like a lamb? If you relinquish your weapon to an armed opponent, and surrender, you WILL be slaughtered. Never, Ever, surrender! Never, Ever give up. And  never relax, thinking that you are safe.  Always train in arduous conditions, and with gear that has been tested to its limits! Train as you will fight. When the real world taps you on the shoulder, you will fight as you have trained...........................................

Always be aware of your surroundings, and who is nearest to your location. Always understand that you are always on candid camera, and are being watched by those who seek to destroy your peace, and the security of our world today. Always have your trigger finger ready, to move into the trigger guard, when needed! Always prepare for the unexpected events in human life. Train for the reality of life. You should even train in the rain, sleet, snow and at night. Push your equipment to its most outer limits. What you carry may not serve you, in combat. A professional trains for things to go wrong, during training, in order to test ther equipment, and their skills. Depend upon yourself FIRST. Know your equipment! Know thyself, as the saying goes!

A true professional trains.......when environmental conditions are at their worst, in the dark, at sunrise, out in the country, where there is no hydration available, with no armorer present, with gear that needs to be tested! We train for the real world. We train to set our mental trigger! If your gear breaks down, while training, THAT IS A GOOD THING! Then we can correct what has malfunctioned, with what really works in the real world. And what is more important.....your gear will work when you need it the most. IF IT DOESN'T WORK, then fix it! But you do not fix it, if it works, and is tested.

This is not training to have a good time. This is work! We will work you on the range, and in the classroom. WE will place you under high levels of personal stress! You need to train in that environment! We do this for you. Not for ourselves. We have lost some friends out there, in the "REAL" world. And we have had some friends wounded. We have learned all of this from actual, practical experience. We have learned it from those who have gone before us, and who have emerged victorious. And , SADLY, we have learned lessons from friends who have been killed or maimed, while engaged in the field. YOU MUST LEARN TO SET YOUR MENTAL TRIGGER, every single day. You must be prepared! Thanks for all of your efforts to protect the peace and security of our society.

I am sad to say that that civilized society, which we all value, is actually in the process of breaking down. IT HAS already begun! We, painfully, saw this during the Katrina debacle in New Orleans, circa 2005. Not only did we see that law enforcement was not only NOT THERE, to protect law abiding citizens....But that they actually deterred and prevented law abiding, responsible, and honest citizens from defending themselves, by confiscating their LEGALLY OWNED firearms. Their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS were violated by the very officials who were supposed to protect their rights, their lives and their property! It made me ashamed to be a Police Officer!

Law enforcement personnel cannot always arrive quickly to protect you, when called. The average response time to a 911 call, in most cities, is thirty (30) minutes! Are you going to wait for them to respond, just for them to process the resulting crime scene, and then leave? And in some cases they only add to the problems created by law breakers, thugs, and assailants! Society has begun to break down folks! It has already started.

Will you be prepared for the "REAL" world when it raises its ugly head? Think about it! Train for it! Prepare for it. I feel that we have already lived to see the beginning............of the end of what we have known to be the United States. The beginning has already occurred. When the fabric of society is shredded by the officials whose duty it is to protect it, then we really are in trouble. Remember, you may be your own back-up. YOU are your own first line of defense. And you have a RIGHT to defend yourself!


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