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Class Schedule

Classes are being scheduled for the Illinois Concealed Carry Permit as mandated by the Illinois Concealed Carry Act of 2013.

Students must register and pay a non-refundable deposit in advance to secure their place in the class. Classes are being scheduled three (3) months in advance.

Accepted methods of payment are cash or check. Returned checks (NSF) will incur a $30.00 bank fee.

To register call (224) 623-2225.
Cost of Classes

  Classes Cost
  Illinois Concealed Carry $100.00
  Utah Concealed Carry $100.00
  Florida $100.00
  Tactical Pistol $150.00
  Tactical Rifle $150.00
  Tactical Shotgun $150.00
  20 Hour Illinois Armed Security Officer $150.00
  NRA Basic Pistol $125.00

Class Schedule

Date Time Class

04/30/16 0830am-4:30pm Illinois Concealed Carry Class, Mc Henry, Illinois American Legion Post,  Riverside Drive, Mc Henry, Illinois

0830am-5:30pm Combat Pistol Craft, Kirkland, Illinois
Pre-Payment Required
To Register Call 224-627-6928
Cost $150

2/4 and 2/5/2017


Illinois Concealed Carry Class 
American Legion Post on Riverside Drive
McHenry, Illinois
Cost: $100
Pre-Payment Required
To Register Call 224-627-6928

Future Date to follow

Future courses to follow



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